Gavintech can provide many services to your home or business.  Whether you need hardware, software, or a mix of both, odds are that we can help you accomplish your goals.  We have experience with many sizes of network, servers that can handle anything and servers that are optimized for a single purpose, computer lab deployments, virtualization, developing web applications, building specialized machines, and more.

Example solutions

  • A PHP web application deployed on a dedicated web server with three replicated database servers
  • A VMware ESXi-based server cluster running eighty virtual machines, all specialized for different tasks
  • A terminal services farm implementation designed to support 250 concurrent users with an HTTPS RPC gateway
  • A photo gallery utilizing Ruby on Rails, RMagick, and AJAX
  • A router with a 240×64 LCD displaying vital statistics
  • A photo archive website and server deployment using the open source Gallery product to host over 20,000 photos
  • A statistics collecting server using Cacti to chart vitals of multiple servers
  • A mail server utilizing Spamassassin spam scanning technology and ClamAV virus scanning serving over 1000 accounts

More details

If you would like additional details about any of the solutions described here, or want your own Gavintech solution, contact us.