Computer building

About our computers

Gavintech computers are custom-built when ordered using premium components. After a computer is ordered, a Gavintech consultant will review the build and order in the parts necessary to build it. A few days later, you will be contacted to come and pick up your new computer, or we can even drop it off and install it for you in our delivery range.

Buy a computer

To build a custom computer, please visit our computer builder.

Warranty conditions

All Gavintech computers come with a 1 year parts warranty and a 3 year limited labour warranty. If a part in your computer fails within the first year, we will have our supplier replace the part and install it into your computer. If a part fails in the second or third year, we can order in a part at your cost and install it into your computer for free. Travelling charges may apply if you cannot bring the computer to us.

Gavintech is not responsible for virus infections or other software problems. You can hire a consultant to fix these problems for you (see our Computer Service page), but these types of problems are not covered under the limited labour warranty.