Web Hosting

Gavintech can host your website on our cloud servers. We can host static HTML pages, provide CGI execution support (Perl), run PHP scripts, and host MySQL or Postgresql databases. We can also support J2EE applications if requested.

Gavintech also offers a Typo3 content management setup. This will allow you and your staff to modify your website on-the-fly through a web interface. All templating and menus are applied automatically by Typo3.

The cost for hosting a site through Gavintech varies according to your requirements. Please contact a representative to obtain a quote for your specific needs.

Included with every web site hosting service, we also provide email accounts for your staff. These accounts are set up when requested, and we can provide as many as necessary for your small to medium business. Additonal charges may be incurred if a large number of email addresses are required. Email services include POP and IMAP support, including SSL. We also provide webmail access to email.

All websites are hosted on dual redundant, load balanced web servers.  In the event of a host failure or even a datacenter failure, your websites will continue running smoothly with minimal interruption.  We also take nightly backups to ensure recovery is possible even in a major disaster scenario.

Web statistics for your website are available upon request.