Below are some of the projects that Gavintech has been involved with since 2001.  Due to the wide variety of clients and projects we work with, not all projects can be displayed here, and some are only displayed in a limited fashion.

Click on the URL for public projects to go to the live website, or click on the images link for private/retired projects to see a gallery of screenshots.

If you are interested in any of these solutions, or would like information on your own custom-developed product, please contact us.

Project: Student Data System
Date developed: 2002 - ongoing
Current status: Private

The Brentwood College School SDS is a system developed to store all information about students and courses.  It can track course registrations, attendance, report cards, transcripts, student travel, resource bookings, timetables, and the school calendar.  A student portal was also developed, allowing students online access to their own marks and assignments. The system was significantly overhauled in 2007, and continues to be maintained by Gavintech.


Project: Gavintech RSS Reader
Date developed: 2006
Current status: Public
URL: http://framework.gavintech.com?next_page=rss/feeds.php

The Gavintech RSS reader is part of the Gavintech Framework version 1.1.  It consists of a subscription page where users can add RSS feeds to monitor, and a daemon that collects the updated articles once an hour.  The RSS reader keeps track of which pages have been read, so that the user can tell at a glance which stories are new since their last visit.

Project: Search Engine
Date developed: 2006
Current status: Retired

An "improved" search engine prototype was developed as a University of Victoria technical project.  It performs the user's search query across several different search engines, gathers the results, and analyzes them according to several parameters that have been discovered by previous research.  The user can then reorder the results according to these different parameters.

Project: Gavintech Computer Builder
Date developed: 2005
Current status: Public
URL: http://framework.gavintech.com?next_page=machines/type.php

The Gavintech Computer Builder can be used to configure many types of computers based on a common pool of available parts.  A backend administration panel allows for advanced compatibility setup, so that conflicting parts cannot be chosen.  The backend panel also allows for updating the list of predefined computers, and also price updates.  This application makes heavy use of AJAX technology.

Project: CHD Web Tools
Date developed: 2004
Current status: Partially public
URL: http://informed.uvic.ca

The UVic Computer Help Desk Web Tools were developed to replace aging legacy applications.  A ticket tracking system, outage notification system, and workstation log system were developed by Gavintech, along with the framework used to contain all of the applications.

Project: Tired
Date developed: 2003
Current status: Retired

Tired is a time tracking application.  It was used during several projects to ensure that the correct amount of time was spent on various tasks, and that the overall time budget was accurate.

Project: GTPhoto
Date developed: 2002
Current status: Public
URL: http://photos.gavintech.com

GTPhoto is a multi-user online photo album. It provides internet users with a place to store and share photos with family and friends. GTPhoto is designed with the average user in mind: ease of use and universal access are priorities in its implemenatation. GTPhoto is currently running on a dedicated server hosting tens of thousands of photos.